Triton Poker SHR Montenegro 2019 Second Event won by Bryn Kenney for $1.4 Million

Triton Poker SHR Montenegro 2019 Second Event won by Bryn Kenney for $1.4 Million

Bryn Kenney, Daniel Dvoress, Montenegro, Triton Poker.

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The second event has just crowned its first millionaire at the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series in Montenegro, and it was Bryn Kenney who defeated a field of 79 entries to win the top prize of $1.4 million!

Triton Poker SHR Series Montenegro 2019
Event #2: HK$500,000 6-Max Hold’em
Venue: Maestral Resort & Casino in Budva, Montenegro
When: May 5-6, 2019 (Sunday and Monday)
Entries: 79 (includes 34 re-entries)

The 32-year-old Kenney outlasted this tournament’s participants including the likes of Steve O’Dwyer, Tony G, Linus Loeliger, Triton founder Richard Yong, and Team partypoker pros Jason Koon and Mikita Badziakouski. Even the chip leaders from Day 1 of this event, Xuan Tuan and Erik Seidel, went out on the bubble. The event had a total of 79 player entries, including 34 re-entries.

The nine top players were guaranteed a nice payout of at least HKD 1,080,000 (US$140,400) each:

1st: HKD 11,230,000 ($1,459,900)
2nd: HKD 7,430,000 ($965,900)
3rd: HKD 5,070,000 ($659,100)
4th: HKD 3,820,000 ($496,600)
5th: HKD 2,970,000 ($386,100)
6th: HKD 2,300,000 ($299,000)
7th: HKD 1,820,000 ($236,600)
8th: HKD 1,410,000 ($183,300)
9th: HKD 1,080,000 ($140,400)

As soon as the official final table started, Jason Koon sent Christoph Vogelsang home in 6th place with his pocket sixes. Bad luck for Koon because his name was next on the chopping block as his pocket Jacks were no match for Kenney’s pocket Kings, leaving the Triton Poker ambassador in 5th place.

Daniel Dvoress from Canada then eliminated Sergio Aido in 4th place and Ivan Leow in 3rd, and so in the end it was just him and Kenney on a heads-up battle for first place.

Dvoress at first was in the lead but Kenney quickly was able to reverse the situation and stayed strong.

Watch the final hand here: 

Kenney said after he won, “I made a lot of really good value bets, really good bluffs, played really ferocious, feel real strong. When you get in such a zone for a while, you can only really think about cards. I feel great, just because I only really care about how I play.”

Adding this achievement to his portfolio, Bryn Kenney’s total live earnings now is over the $32.2 million mark, according to the Hendon Mob.

Triton Poker SHR Montenegro 2019 Event #2 Final Table Results




Prize (in HKD)

Prize (in USD)


Bryn Kenney





Daniel Dvoress





Ivan Leow





Sergio Aido





Jason Koon





Christoph Vogelsang





Richard Yong





Danny Tang

Hong Kong




Cheong Cheok Leng






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4 comments for “Triton Poker SHR Montenegro 2019 Second Event won by Bryn Kenney for $1.4 Million”

 CALICUL 5/9/2019 4:12:33 PM GMT
Impressive. Very high prizes and the last hand was played with all in A diamond 6 vs. K T. Four diamonds came on the table with turn and river. It’s strange for me to play an all in this way. 1st place won 1,459,000 and the second place 965,900, but to risk all stack with A6 and KT is too exaggerated, if we make a comparison between these not so good cardss and the sums of money. I did not expect for this series to have such a big tournaments. European poker is up. Smile
 greatgame3 5/9/2019 6:40:54 PM GMT
It was a questionable hand I did not understand the allin pre-flop with A6 was very lucky and managed to win the hand that gave him the title, on the other hand, the call of Dvoress with KT is understandable because his stack got lucky on the flop but the river was very sick. However, losing a hand like that and receiving the prize of $ 965,900 is not bad at the end of a good tournament.

Greetings and please excuse my English

 dule-vu 5/9/2019 7:05:38 PM GMT
some great names on this tournament,big buy in for all normal poker players,arround 70 K dollars and thats why we have such a great prize pool and nice amount for every player on final table!this players for big and dont care much about money,so cant comment this hand on all in!
 Milos753 5/9/2019 8:33:16 PM GMT
Great tournaments and big congratulations Bryn Kenney for win 1.46m, thats huge prizes but we need to say that buy in was too huge. Also congratulations to Daniel for second places, he play good but at end he didnt have lucky with flop and river. GG boys

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