New WSOP Challenge to Feature ZackTTG and 13 Other Influencers

The WSOP has jumped on board the influencer bandwagon by recruiting 14 social media stars to promote its free-to-play poker app.

Zack TTG

Social media stars, such as ZackTTG, will be taking part in a series of events on the free-play WSOP app. (Instagram/zackttg)

Using popular figures from Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok is becoming increasingly common in poker and now the WSOP has joined the party.

Its new roster of influencers take part in the #RoadToTheTable campaign, which aims to introduce new people to poker.

Social media stars to battle on WSOP free-play app

The WSOP free-play app will be exposed to a potential audience of 28 million people thanks to its new team of social media partners.

The #RoadToTheTable campaign will see the 14 social media stars battle each other in a series of events on the WSOP’s free-play app. However, before they get started, each influencer was sent a pack of cards and some poker chips.

With their cards and chips to hand, the influencers hone their poker skills before the tournaments start. Naturally, as people who live their lives online, the recruits will post their progress on social media.

ZackTTG telling his Instagram followers about #RoadToTheTable. (Image: Instagram/zackttg)

This will give their followers a chance to learn the nuances of poker and, in turn, discover the WSOP’s free-play app. It’s a marketing strategy that an increasing number of poker companies have embraced in recent months.

For example, Hustler Casino held a high stakes cash game in April featuring social media stars like MrBeast. Since airing, the game has been viewed by almost 1 million people on Hustler’s YouTube channel and by many more on other channels. The executives at WSOP HQ will want to get a similar amount of exposure with its team of stars.

WSOP to engage new demographics

So, who are these online idols with a combined following of 28 million people? The WSOP’s new team of influencers includes:

  • Adam LZ: a car video producer
  • Billy Mann: a comedian, adventurer, and challenge-themed content creator
  • Collete Davis: an automotive video creator
  • Erik Conover: a YouTuber focusing on life in NYC and luxury homes
  • Jay Mendoza: a Latinx social media personality
  • Jiedel: a lifestyle and sports content producer who is also part of 2hype and 100 thieves
  • Kenny Chao: a sports and fitness influencer
  • Lauren Fitzmaurice & Stephania Ergemlidze: basketball content creators
  • Malena Tudi: a Twitch streamer
  • Matthew Meagher: an NFL and Madden video game content creator
  • Nick Antonyan: an online comedian
  • Nick Palom: the man behind the Nmplol Twitch stream
  • ZackTTG: part of 2hype house and a sports content creator focusing on basketball

The influencers have been chosen for their followings but also because they represent a variety of interests.

Between this and the fact social media has become the default medium for entertainment among young adults, the WSOP’s free-play will be exposed to a wide variety of people. Even if a small percentage of these people become real-money players, it could give the poker industry a significant boost.

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