Man Robbed after Hitting Jackpot Twice at Casino

A man who hit the jackpot twice last week at a Milwaukee casino immediately had his great luck go drastically turn to a bad one as he was robbed a few days later.

A resident of Milwaukee, Christopher Czarnecki, won $12,000 at the slot machines of Potawatomi Hotel and Casino on June 3. He won another $13,000 on June 5 in the same casino.

Czarnecki said regarding his winnings, “I was excited as heck.”

He purchased a used car (pictured above) and a safe with his winnings, saying he only told a handful of people about his good fortune. Come Saturday night, Czarnecki along with his roommate Hunter Marks, were at home when they heard someone knock at the back door.

Marks said, “The door kind of pushed opened a little bit while I was reaching for the handle,” Marks told the television station. I looked to see a guy standing there with a mask on and a pistol pointing toward me. He nearly hit me in the mouth with it.”

According to the authorities, the robbers hit Marks in the head with a gun, then tied him up with his 77-year-old mother using zip ties. After they forced Czarnecki to open his safe, they tied him up and his girlfriend as well.
Czarnecki said the four of them were placed in a bedroom and the robbers then pushed a stove in front of a door. After freeing themselves, Czarnecki and Marks got to kick the door down, but it was too late – the robbers were gone with the money.

Czarnecki said it was a tough lesson for him, promising to himself that if he wins again at the casino, he will no longer bring the money home, “The bank is probably the better way.”

Investigation regarding the robbery is still ongoing, according to Milwaukee police.

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