Dan “Jungleman” Cates stars in X-rated Poker-themed Music Video

Daniel “Jungleman” Cates seems to be on cloud nine lately as the online poker legend, aside from the naked Playboy Bunny pictures taken in the French city of Cannes, he also has been spotted in what’s described to be a softcore porn video.

Award-winning poker podcaster and poker player Joe Ingram posted a couple of photos and the video on his Twitter page on May 6, saying that he discovered a poker forum about Cates who looked like he was meditating on a table surrounded by naked ladies overlooking the seashore.

While we have already shown the pictures earlier, now here’s the video showing Cates acting like he’s the newest playboy in the poker world.

This video of Cates showing sexy women doing strip poker and other sexually-explicit scenes attracted quite a lot of buzz in the Twitterverse. Even some of the biggest names in poker had something to say about it.



The exact purpose of this steamy poker-themed music video is still unknown – no advertisements or any information yet on what really is the reason for making up this vid. Is Cates showing off his poker skills or is he showing off his virility? Some suppose he just wants to be the next Dan Bilzerian.

Whatever the reason is, Joey Ingram is determined to get to the bottom of this:



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