Now With Voice Control Technology Now With Voice Control Technology

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Posted on Monday, April 01, 2019 by “T”.

We are proud to announce that we have implemented a Voice Control technology into This means that you can now navigate the website by speaking different commands, including “find poker bonuses”, “casino news” and “log in to my account”.

Thanks to this new technology on, you will no longer need to type on the keyboard, scroll and click using the mouse, etc.

Using Voice Control is very simple

  • Sit near your computer/mobile/tablet.
  • Speak one of the following commands (just a few examples to get your started): “find poker/casino/betting bonuses”, “casino/poker/betting news”, “Log in to my account”, “Freerolls”, “Forum”, “Scroll down/up”, “mob games”.
  • You can also say any other words/sentences and the computer will write them for you. But we recommend that you avoid using swear words in the forum, as the Forum Admin Bot might give you a temporary ban.



Stay tuned for more information on our new Voice Control function.


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