Antonio Esfandiari Wins vs Kevin Hart in Boxing Match Prop Bet

The boxing match prop bet between Esfandiari and Hart may have been moved a month further than scheduled, but it still went on – with the underdog amazingly taking home the prize in the end.

Both of them were 39 years old when the prop bet was struck. Kevin Hart only stands at 5 feet 4 inches (according to his Wiki page), whereas Esfandiari’s height is around 6 feet tall (there’s no official height info for him available online).

Kevin Hart gave Esfandiari 35:1 odds, because the comedian is “an athlete” and “fast as hell.”

Four months earlier, Antonio Esfandiari claimed that most people expected him “to break his ribs or nose” if this boxing match with Hart would really happen, since the comedian actor does boxing as part of his workout regimen.

Now at 40 years old, “The Magician” Esfandiari met up with Hart on a Saturday morning in a gym located in Santa Monica, California. He actually prepared for this athletic showdown, putting on a good chunk of muscle as he did a mix of boxing and cardio training in the recent months. In the end, his efforts were rewarded as he won by decision after three 3-minute rounds in the boxing ring.

Exactly how much was at stake on this was never revealed, but the 6-foot tall Esfandiari ultimately received 35:1 on his money.

Hart wrote in his Instagram account, “I want to take the time to congratulate my guy Antonio Esfandiari on an amazing sparring match today. You worked hard and deserve the W champ.”

As this boxing match prop bet between two poker players is now in the books, the comedian Hart is now teasing Esfandiari for a rematch, saying he would post highlight videos when it’s all edited.

This boxing prop bet is not really the first time to be made amongst players in the world of poker. Back in 2016, JC Alvarado and Olivier Busquet settled their six-figure bet inside an MMA cage. In 2015, Sorel Mizzi and Brian Rast fought against each other in a charity boxing match. In 2011, Bertrand Grospellier and Lex Veldhuis fought in a kickboxing match in Spain. In 2009, Theo Jorgensen and Gus Hansen battled for three rounds in Denmark.



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